NEWBERRY ‒ A 28-year-old Kentucky man was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Wednesday, May 8, at 11:50 p.m. after he crashed his semi-truck into a parked car and the front of Main Street Sweets and Eats, a bakery/café in Newberry.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO), driver Scott Mitchell Renslen was found with heavy damage to the front end of his truck, which was resting partially on a sidewalk. There was extensive damage to a fence railing, street lamp posts and two newspaper stands. ACSO deputies were on the scene assisting with traffic and gathering information to help with the investigation.

ACSO deputies had the truck driver standing in front of their patrol vehicle at the rear of his truck and asked what happened. Renslen said he had fallen asleep.

When ACSO deputies first approached the driver’s door they observed the driver passed out in the front seat. The officer made several attempts to wake the driver and was finally able to do so. When the driver opened the door he told the deputy he wanted an attorney.

One witness said she went out to check on the driver after the crash and asked him if he was okay. ACSO records report, “She said Mr. Renslen was sitting in the driver’s seat and would only stare at her and not speak.”

The driver said he would be willing to perform a series of field sobriety exercises, which were conducted on a relatively flat asphalt surface. Based on the totality of the investigation, the driver was placed under arrest for DUI.

His Miranda rights were read to him.

At first appearance, Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $20,000 and mandated that within 72 hours of release, Renslen will be fitted with an electronic monitoring device with service to Alachua County.

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