GAINESVILLE ‒ A man jailed for stalking, fraud, and extortion has new charges of criminal solicitation to commit a felony and attempted first-degree murder. Ralph Jack Waccary, 63, was served with a sworn complaint on Sept. 12, alleging that he hired a former inmate to kill an Alachua woman. An Alachua Police Department complaint specifies that Waccary hired a former inmate, which he paid to bail out of jail, in exchange for the inmate to have the opportunity to kill a woman he believed would lead to Waccary’s case being dropped.

Waccary has been in the jail since Dec. 23, 2021, charged with stalking, fraud, and extortion after allegedly filing a civil lien against a woman’s property, then telling her he would remove the lien if she had sexual intercourse with him.

An injunction had been previously issued prohibiting Waccary from having contact with the woman because he had allegedly threatened to “bury” her after she called the police about a domestic disturbance. Waccary was also charged with violating the injunction and stalking.

Michael Woulard was in jail since Nov. 10, 2022, for a series of crimes to include failure to register as a Sexual Predator. Wouldard said he had worked for Waccary when they were both employed by North Florida Hospital. Waccary agreed to bail Woulard out of jail and ultimately produced the funds to pay 10 percent of the bail amount to a bail bonds company. Woulard was released on bond on May 30.

Waccary was to pay Woulard an additional $25,000 after the victim had been murdered and Waccary’s case had been dropped. Waccary advised Woulard to make it look like a robbery, then drive her car out of state. He even told Woulard that he would be free and clear because he had a perfect alibi of being incarcerated.

According to the APD report, “Woulard said he was unaware of anyone else that may be planning the same thing, but was sure that Waccary had approached other inmates about [a] similar request.”

APD filed a sworn complaint against Waccary charging him with criminal solicitation to commit a felony and attempted first-degree murder. Bond has been set at $425,000.

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