ALACHUA  COUNTY - Alachua County Public Schools will be using two days in December to make up for the two instructional days lost to Hurricane Idalia.

The two days school will now be in session are Thursday, Dec. 21 and Friday, Dec. 22. Both were designated as ‘flex days’ in the 2023-24 school year approved by the School Board in February.

Flex days are built into the school year calendar in case the district has to make up days lost to severe weather or other emergencies. Alachua County Public Schools has been incorporating flex days into its school year calendars for several years.

Make-up days are necessary to meet state requirements for instructional time.

The use of the Dec. 21 and Dec. 22 flex days as regular school days will still leave two full weeks for the Winter Holiday, which will run from Monday, December 25 through Friday, January 5.

School year calendars are developed by the district in collaboration with the Alachua County Education Association and typically approved in February or March for the following school year.

A notice about the make up days will be sent to families this afternoon through email and phone and through text for those parents/guardians who have opted in to the district’s text messaging system.

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