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HIGH SPRINGS ‒ The High Springs Historical Society aims to preserve a bit of High Springs for 70 years. The organization was granted permission by the City Commission to bury a time capsule to the right of the front steps of the Historic High Springs Elementary School and Community Center located at 23760 N.W. 187th Avenue. The time capsule is slated to be buried on Oct. 22, 2022 and opened on Saturday, May 24, 2092.

The Historical Society anticipates the 2092 opening date to be used to commemorate the 200th anniversary of High Springs. High Springs was incorporated in 1892 after changing its name from Orion on May 24, 1888.

The High Springs Historical Society proposes a day-long celebration of burying the time capsule on Oct. 22, 2022 if their special event permit is approved. The event will include a bar-b-que contest and tractor show. The time capsule will be filled with artifacts relating to High Springs.

The City will have an opportunity to place a small box of items in the time capsule, while others in the community will also be able to place items in the capsule by purchasing a manila envelope or small bag. The time capsule will serve as a fundraiser for the Historical Society while also serving as the beginning of High Springs’ bi-centennial celebration.

City officials will be invited to participate in the time capsule burying ceremony.

The time capsule will measure 3 feet x 2 feet x18 inches and will be sealed. In order to ensure the safety of the time capsule and surrounding area, items such as liquids, explosives and perishable will be prohibited.

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