LAKE CITY ‒ For those who may be wondering just what Road Rangers along Florida’s interstate roadways are about, the Florida Department of Transporation (FDOT) has the answer.

The Road Ranger Service Patrol provides traffic incident management services and limited no-cost highway assistance to motorists to improve highway safety for emergency responders and the public.

FDOT is reminding motorists if their vehicle becomes disabled while on I-75 or I-10 due to a crash or a mechanical issue, Road Rangers are available to assist at no cost.

Road Rangers can be dispatched to your location to help change tires, jump-start your vehicle, make minor repairs, and even supply a few gallons of emergency gasoline, diesel or water.

In the case of a traffic crash, Road Rangers will also help clear vehicles from the roadway. At no time will a Road Ranger ask for payment.

A Road Ranger truck and driver will have the FDOT logo present on their vehicle and clothing. Anyone seeking FDOT Road Ranger services should call *FHP (*347).

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