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HIGH SPRINGS ‒ High Springs, Florida has hosted visitors from all over the world as they discover and “Enjoy Our Good Nature” since 1892.­­ The city’s gateway signs welcome weary travelers, excited shoppers and explorers and returning residents alike.  This year, Heart of High Springs, Inc., a local 501c3 nonprofit, has revived a project that originally began in 2007, committing to updating these signs at gateways to the community and to work with the property owners and local government regarding easements for legal access ensure there is a long-term maintenance plan so the signs remain a positive reminder of the pride and investment in the community.

The primary Gateway Sign is located on the roadside of U.S. Highway 441 on property owned by High Springs Animal Hospital.  Secondary Gateway Signs are located along five additional gateway roadsides in cooperation with additional private property owners.  

High Springs-based creator, ThemeWorks, Inc. has been selected to partner with Heart of High Springs in this effort.  “We are very excited about this project.  It’s amazing how signs like these can really impact the way a community like High Springs is perceived, increase community pride, and really give visitors the sense of arriving in a special place,” said Ryan Kremser of ThemeWorks, Inc.

The signs will be durable and maintainable for many years and will be produced by ThemeWorks using the same high-quality materials and fabrication methods that they use when producing outdoor signs for the major Florida theme parks. Existing ThemeWorks signs that were similarly constructed and installed have continued to be useful for more than 20 years. The signs will be fabricated from PVC and marine grade aluminum and will be coated with high end outdoor sign paints with a UV clear coat.

Regarding maintenance, the biggest issue will be algae and lichens growing on the signs.  Occasionally washing the signs with some soapy water would be the best way to keep them looking good.  They should not be power washed because it could shorten the lifespan of the coatings.

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