HIGH SPRINGS – Bev’s Burger Café employee Amy Terrell reported for work at 315 NE Santa Fe Blvd. at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, last week, only to find shattered glass on the floor in front of the emergency exit door. Although nothing was apparently taken and no further vandalism took place, one of the drawers was left open.

Manager Kristen Keene said it looked as though they must have climbed through the door after breaking the glass and were searching for money. Having found none, they apparently left the building. It is unknown exactly when the break-in occurred, but she said she assumed they must have come in during the night after closing time.

The emergency exit door was replaced at a cost of around $200, Keene said.

Officer Kendrick Hampton was the High Springs police officer who responded to the scene. He indicated the case was still open and said he could not comment on details at this time.

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