HIGH SPRINGS – During the May 9, 2013 regular commission meeting, High Springs City Manager Ed Booth proposed adding nearly $200,000 to the current year’s budget.

Revenues and expenditures were originally set at $3,213,660 late last year as commissioners tried to eek out a balanced budget. Since that time, Booth has located untapped financial resources and hopes to change the original budgeted amount to $3,409,915, an increase of $196,255.

Booth said that additional revenues are being derived from the Clay Electric Cooperative Agreement and increased revenues in the Building Department along with increased revenue from taxes.

Commissioners approved Ordinance 2013-04 on first reading during the meeting. After reviewing the proposed changes, commissioners will address questions during a workshop at 6:30 p.m. on May 16, 2013.

Booth said he added a few items into the budget based on commissioners’ comments. He increased the amount set aside for attorney’s fees by $20,000 and also set aside $10,000 for playground repairs, add necessary cover to the ground and upgrade the facilities if there is money still unspent in that budget item. Booth added that he would budget $10,000 every year to maintain those facilities and upgrade where needed.

Another suggestion was to add in salary for a recreation director. Booth said he would include that in next year’s budget and possibly start out with a part-time recreation director at that time. The issue will be discussed further with the Recreation Board and reviewed as part of next year’s budget, he said.

The item will come before the full commission once again for a public hearing and consideration of final approval at the June 13 regular commission meeting.

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