W - Alachua Hair Salon Wide DSCF7534RTim Manning (Right) reently opened Shear Fusion hair salon on Alachua's Main Street.

ALACHUA - If you’re in Alachua and need a haircut, there’s a new salon creating a lot of buzz.

Owner Tim Manning opened Shear Fusion on Nov. 2. He said he decided to open the salon after finishing cosmetology school.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own business,” he said. “I’m really good at doing hair. It just seemed like the logical thing to do.”

He said he also wanted to save money and avoid a long commute. The salon is located on Alachua’s Main Street.

“It made more sense to open something on my own that’s literally right down the road from where I live,” he said.

Manning said he’s received positive feedback from customers so far.

Alachua resident Diana Felver said she first started visiting Shear Fusion after she found out her hairdresser was relocating. Although Felver said she hasn’t had her hair done at the salon yet, she’s bought hair products from the salon.

“The products we’re getting from them -- I’m like a walking advertisement,” she said. “Everyone’s asking, ‘What did you do to your hair?’”

She said her 19-year-old daughter, Jillian, visited the salon for a haircut and dye and loved it.

“She said it was the best haircut she ever had,” Felver said. “The color is really gorgeous.”

Felver said her daughter enjoyed the salon for the atmosphere as well.

“She said Tim was the most humorous hairdresser she’s ever been to. She said he made her laugh the entire time. It was a really fun experience for her, too.”

Manning said the salons prices are affordable with highlights priced at $65, hair color at $45, women’s haircuts at $25 and men’s haircuts at $10.

Local police officers, firefighters and EMTs receive half-priced haircuts at the salon. Manning said it’s done to show gratitude.

“They’re our local heroes,” he said.

City of Alachua employees receive a 10 percent discount on services at Shear Fusion.

“We want to do something in return for all the people who bolster us up,” he said.

Manning said he hopes to keep the salon on Main Street for a long time. He said he loves the camaraderie local business owners have.

“We’re gonna be here,” he said. “I absolutely love Alachua.”

Manning thinks a small-town salon might make customers feel more at home.

“You get to know the people and you get to know their stories,” he said. “Essentially, you end up with not just customers, but friends all over the place.”

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