NEWBERRY – After about a year of disuse, Newberry’s old west end building is expected to reopen as a package store soon, although the exact date is not available.

Located at 24920 West Newberry Road, the store will sell wines and fine liquors. The business plan does not include alcohol service, although there may be occasional wine tastings. A drive-through service may also be available, although there is no firm decision about that yet.

The property is part of the company, RJ’s Lucky 7, LLC, which also includes the Lucky 7 Quik Mart. The west end building was constructed in 1966 as a convenience store, and the current owner took it over in September 1988. Shortly thereafter the building became a package store and bar.

City officials say the owner is in the process of obtaining a liquor license and improving the property with paving and landscaping. The building will be possibly repainted and equipped with new windows and doors.

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