Poe03_copyHigh Springs may soon take over the management of Poe Springs Park in a year-long agreement with Alachua County.

GAINESVILLE – Alachua County Commissioners unanimously approved an agreement Tuesday for the City of High Springs to oversee the daily operation of Alachua County’s Poe Springs Park, which is located along the Santa Fe River. Terms of the agreement include an initial one-year period, which can be renewed.

According to the agreement, the City of High Springs would take charge of the daily staffing and maintenance of the park while the county would review fees, plans, and events at the park. The county would further take charge of larger upkeep such as mowing and building repairs.

“There will be staff for the park as well as volunteers from boy scouts, the lions club and volunteers from the city,” High Springs City Manager Jeri Langman said.

Under the City of High Springs’ management, the park would be open Wednesday through Sunday, with Wednesday and Thursday being free admission days. On weekends, High Springs will charge $5 to $8 per vehicle, and $2 for individuals.  High Springs has proposed to offer annual passes to local families and individuals.

Alachua County currently does not require an admission fee for entrance to the park.

“This will allows us to have something that can draw people to the city since we are one of the lesser known cities in the county,” Langman said. “It will put us on the map and promote Poe Springs to more people.”

The agreement states that after the city has covered its costs through entrance fees, additional revenue will be split between Alachua County and the City of High Springs. The agreement now awaits a final vote of approval from the Alachua County Commission.