Support for Ross Ambrose High Springs City Commission


I write this letter in support of High Springs City Commissioner Ross Ambrose who is running for re-election Nov. 7. Not only is he an excellent Commissioner, but he is also a hero.  Some may remember that several years ago the City of High Springs found itself with three rogue commissioners who banded together and unlawfully rammed through an amendment to the High Springs Charter.

That amendment would have prevented the City from borrowing more than one million dollars without approval of the loan (1) from four of the five member Commission and then (2) by a referendum of the citizens of High Springs.  That amendment would have tied the hands of all future High Springs Commissions and caused needless delay in governing the City, as certain Commission decisions would have to wait until an election to be finalized.

Commissioner Ambrose, who was then a private citizen, dug into his own pocket and financed the lawsuit, which successfully nullified this action. Coming forward as an ordinary citizen to save his city in this manner is a truly heroic feat.

But Ross Ambrose is not just an ordinary citizen. He has served his community for 20 years, first as a Board member and then as a Commissioner, and he is an extraordinary one. It is obvious he puts a great deal of thoughtful study into his decisions.

He supports all of the High Springs community, regardless of individuals' positions on issues. You will see him at all City events, pitching in to help wherever he can. He is always available and he listens to his constituents; he doesn't just push his personal views forward. He has been awarded The Florida League of Cities Home Rule Hero Award, not once, but twice, for his advocacy for High Springs.  Officials from other cities now look to our High Springs Commissioner Ambrose as an example of how best to serve their own constituents. That is a great honor for our City.

Commissioner Ambrose has the diverse experience and wisdom to make sound decisions that are in the public interest and is a proven leader with the proper decorum and maturity required of the position. His opponent is young and inexperienced and could better serve the High Springs government by gaining some knowledge and time on a Board before attempting to govern.

Commissioner Ross Ambrose has my vote. Please educate yourselves on the candidates and their track records and vote on or before Nov. 7.

Linda Rice Chapman, Esq.

High Springs, Fla.