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Students’ creativity supports Art in City Hall

Art_in_City_Hall_IMG_3291_copy The Alachua City Commission recently honored students from Sprout Learning Resourcesd in recognition of their excellence in art and participation in providing original art work to the city.  The young artists had their artwork displayed through the month of February in the lobby of City Hall. Students recognized were Amanda Elwart, Merrill Jipson, Lydia Clark and Emilee McCuller.  Also pictured are City of Alachua Mayor Gib Coerper and Sprout Learning Resources art instructor Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson.

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Snapshots from area youth basketball

Rec_BasketB_1_DSCF7461_copyRec_BasketB_2_DSCF7472_copyRec_BasketB_3_DSCF7467_copyRec_BasketB_4_DSCF7513_copy Add a comment Add a comment

Mebane Middle National Geographic bee

Geography_Bee_Winner_copySeventh grader R.J. Murphy won the Mebane Middle School geography bee, which was sponsored by National Geographic.

ALACHUA – Mebane Middle School held its annual school-wide Geography Bee, sponsored by National Geographic, on Jan. 11. Preliminary rounds were held in social studies classes before the Christmas break to determine the 42 students who would advance to the school-wide Bee.

Contestants answered questions related to physical and cultural geography and population density around the world. After five rounds of rigorous questions, 11 students with the highest scores remained. They entered a tie-breaker round to determine who would fill the top 10 spots for the final rounds of questions. The top ten finalists were 7th grade students Connor Grady, R.J. Murphy, Tyler Owen, Connor Burgin, Evan McDonald and Tyler Baker, and 8th grade students Spencer Haire, Liam Zabek, Joshua Eang and Gary Corbett.

The 10 students faced off in competition for the first place medal. Once a contestant answered two questions incorrectly, they were eliminated from the final round. The competition was narrowed down to three contestants: Connor Grady, R.J. Murphy and Tyler Owen. After several more rounds of questions, the winner was determined, with Connor Grady coming in third and Tyler Owen taking second.  The winner of the Geography Bee was 7th grader R.J. Murphy.

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Crisp winter day in Alachua

The early morning sun and a quilt work of clouds stretched across the sky last Friday morning, casting long shadows across the grounds of Alachua City Hall.Alachua_Sky_photo_copy

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Alachua Elementary students recognized for Art in City Hall

City_Hall_Art_Kids_IMG_3097_copy  AMANDA WILLIAMSON/Alachua County Today   Alachua Elementary students were honored by the Alachua City Commission in recognition of their excellence in art and participation in providing original art work to the city.  The fifth grade students being honored currently have 16 colorful dinosaur themed art pieces displayed through the month of January in the lobby of City Hall. Students recognized Monday night included Kristen Dykerhouse, Elayna Green, Kaitlyn Orie, Noelle Gardner and Exzavier White from Mr. Becker's class; Justin Yandle and Jenna Hornsby from Mr. Zwilling's class; Sean Frombolt, Brennan Haire, Marlayna Wills and Desiree Yandle from Ms. Endelicato's class; Emma Shiskin and Tierra Jones from Mrs. Malphurs class and Alexis Dixon, Josh Thompson and Sara Balkcom from Ms. Pesta's class. Pictured above with some of the students is Alachua Elementary teacher Kathleen Resquesens.

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