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Teen charged in shooting, killing ex-girlfriend’s father

W_-_Mug_-_Willard_MWALDO – A 19-year-old man has been charged in the Tuesday afternoon shooting death of his ex-girlfriend’s father.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO), Willard Merle Newman was arrested on charges of first-degree murder and armed burglary for allegedly shooting Ronald Lamar Andrews, 46, of 18104 N.E. 143rd Avenue, Lake Alto Estates, Waldo.

The report states that Andrews’ 15-year-old daughter had been dating Newman against his wishes for the last four years, but the couple had broken up on two weeks earlier.

The shooting reportedly happened after Joseph Andrews drove his brother, Ronald Andrews, home. They arrived at around 4:50 p.m. Joseph Andrews stayed in the kitchen while Ronald Andrews went to his teenage daughter’s bedroom to check if she was home.

Joseph Andrews told ACSO officials that Ronald Andrews opened the bedroom door, threw up his hand and exclaimed, “What the hell! What the hell!”

Joseph Andrews saw two muzzle flashes, heard two gunshots and witnessed his brother’s body fall onto the bedroom floor. After hearing an additional gunshot, Joseph Andrews ran outside and got into his van and called the police.  Deputies responded and Ronald Andrews was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies removed three .380 caliber shell casings and one projectile from the bedroom closet wall.

Willard S. Newman, the defendant’s father, told ACSO Sgt. Terry Crews that Newman arrived at his Lake Alto Estates residence around 2:30 p.m. earlier that day. Newman told his father he was going to visit his ex-girlfriend, who lived in the same neighborhood.

Newman returned to his father’s house at approximately 5 p.m. and left on his scooter toward his home in the Oak Park mobile home park.

Earlier in the day, Kenneth Oliver, the fiancé of Newman’s mother, Tamatha Walden, had noticed his .380 caliber handgun was missing from their home. When Newman arrived at the home, Oliver asked where the gun was and if he was involved in the Waldo shooting.

Oliver confirmed his missing handgun was in the scooter and called ACSO at 6:24 p.m. to report Newman was involved in the shooting. Detectives recovered the handgun from the scooter along with a black ski mask and a pair of gloves.

Newman is currently being held in the Alachua County jail.