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Importance of this Election in High Springs/Support for Jamison

LTE2012The City of High Springs has annual expenditures of about $9,000,000. Now, if you owned a business with a budget that size, would you turn it over to amateur managers [however well-meaning], or would you look for the best and most experienced professional manager you could find and pay her/him a salary comparable to what other $9,000,000 businesses were paying? The answer, of course, is obvious...if it were your money at stake.

And yet, three-fourths of our current commission, and one of the two candidates, all want to continue to strip the city of qualified personnel, do away with the independent City Manager form of government, and bring even more power to the elected, non-professional commissioners.

Since this fine city is in fact our $9,000,000 operation - ours - I strongly urge all residents to vote for Scott Jamison for commissioner, who recognizes the importance of a knowledgeable and professional form of government.

There are many decisions that this new majority that Ms. Carter wishes to join has made in just five months that challenge the existence of good government in High Springs.

The selection of an interim City Manager who lacks the professional training or experience for this job, her promotion to the permanent job, and the selection of a police chief without the slimmest of notice to the public or other commissioners are but a few of the decisions that non-professional managers would make...and our commission did. And they did it in just five short months.

No responsible student of municipal government favors such tactics in the absence of professional assistance. This city needs professional management more than ever, and the sooner we, the residents of High Springs, elect a majority of commissioners committed to responsible government, the better.

Last November, the city voters approved a Preamble to our Charter. It starts with these words: "This municipal government exists to protect the governed, not the governing, and exists in order to provide the public with full and accurate information...." In only five months, with virtually no notice to the "governed," the new majority on this commission has destroyed the independence and office of the City Manager. That direction must be reversed on April 10. Elect Scott Jamison.

Paul R. Regensdorf

High Springs, Fla.