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A Christmas wish

Columns2In South Dakota, impoverished Native American children living on the Bullhead Reservation can only long for a lifestyle those more fortunate take for granted.  And this time of year, their Christmas wish-list, if they dare to dream of one, would likely consist of warm socks and maybe a few school supplies.

Imagine in this isolated area, where generation after generation struggles to make ends meet, the despair that must surely exist, especially this time of year.

How these people came to this situation is of little importance to a child living this way of life.  That is a discussion for those who examine the socioeconomic plight of people and cultures, and not a matter of relevance for the most vulnerable among us.

For the generous, Christmas is the season of giving.  But for children, it is so much more.  It is a time of wonder and excitement, a time when they not only delight in the gifts they receive, but also in recognizing the joy that is shared by those who gave.  While the tangible gift may last only a while, more importantly, the feelings of joy and love children experience are lasting, and that is truly remarkable.

In today’s economy, the list of those in need is long, but isn’t there room for one more child on that list?  Gifts as simple as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, warm socks, gloves or a box of crayons would delight these children.

Vance and Tracey Bishop, formerly of Williston, Fla., have a special wish this Christmas.  They are ministering at the Bullhead Reservation, and are collecting shoe box Christmas donations for boys and girls, ages 1 – 18.  They ask that each box be wrapped for Christmas and marked as to gender and age.  Packages should be mailed to their attention at 113 1st Avenue East, McIntosh, SD 57641.

With the generosity of people who open their hearts once again to those less fortunate, not only will the Bishop’s wish come true, but so too will the wishes of countless children as they open those gifts meant especially for them.