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Incumbents Must Go – Vote for Susan Baird, County Commission, District 4

Let’s retire career politician Cynthia Chestnut and replace her with Susan Baird as our commissioner for district 4.  Citizens expect County Commissioners to be good stewards of our tax dollars, set priorities that benefit all Alachua County’s citizens, and manage spending accordingly.  The present Commission led by Chairperson, Chestnut, does none of these. 

Chestnut has her priorities upside down.  As a tax and spend, out-of-control politician who has been in office so long – over 20 years – she forgot she works for the people.  She engineered the Choices tax, supported the 5-cent gas tax and is now promoting an additional sales tax.  Chestnut is not bothered by the fact that Alachua County has the highest property taxes in Florida. She would cut the sheriff’s budget and add on a fire assessment fee (tax) rather than cut some of her pet projects.

Chestnut supports the stifling bureaucracy that discourages job creation.  Her indifference to the need for decent roads clearly shows she is not solutions focused.  She is insensitive to the safety problems and vehicle damage caused by several hundred miles of county roads filled with potholes and dirt roads that desperately need paving. For these and many other reasons related to her lack of performance, I request your help in replacing Chestnut with Susan Baird.

Susan Baird will work to stop the relentless increase in taxation and promote a business friendly climate as a primary driver of job creation.  Baird’s no-nonsense approach will be a breath of fresh air in putting needs-based, common sense taxation and budgeting in place.

Please join me in supporting Susan Baird for County Commission, District 4 and begin the change to responsible representation for our citizens.  Vote Baird Nov. 2.

Ron Thornton

Newberry, Fla